A monastery to slow down

Heal with us in the foot of himalayas.

There has been a widening and concerning disconnect between humans and the earth in current times, given the nature of work and our lifestyles. This longterm break from the natural elements has resulted in compromised health and wellbeing in human beings. Kaff Zanjira works at the crossroads of environment and wholesome living. It is a project of Keeday Makuday Foundation. Our aim is to provide a space for people to reconnect with the soil and in turn, with themselves.

Matu Matu Matha is a staycation for the weary soul. We offer residents the chance to live closer and in tandem with nature and serve the rural community by volunteering on different projects.The Kumaoni phrase ‘Matu Matu’ means ‘slow down’ and ‘Matha’ is a monastery. Thus, we are a monastery of slowing down.

Located in Champawat district of Uttarakhand, village Doodh Pokhara is in the lap of nature. Here, on the outskirts of an old forest you can expect to awaken to birdsong and find quiet solitude. Matu Matu Matha is an old Kumaoni house designed for co-living and co-working. This is no temporary retreat, it is an experience of slow, balanced and international living.

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Forest Walk

Moon Bathing

Walk with us in forest

Local Biodiversity survey

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To have a visual treat of the space, know about our previous program and to meet our facilitator – Bombil, watch..


WiFi (upto 30mbps)

WiFi (upto 30mbps)

Two hot meals a day & fresh cow milk

Two hot meals a day & fresh cow milk

Hot water geyser


For interested participants

How much does this program cost?

Your payment is received as a donation to Keeday Makauday Foundation (registered as a Section 8 company), of which Kaff Zanjira is a project. https://linktr.ee/keeday
PAN is required for donor records.
All data is saved with Keeday Makauday Foundation and not shared for marketing.
Note : We will collect a copy of Aadhar upon check-in.

What's your refund policy?
  • Cancellation before 5 days of booking offers 80% refund.
  • Cancellation before 3-5 days of booking offers 50% refund.
  • Gifting the space for stay or finding us your replacement offers 100% refund :).

For registered participants

What kind of Food do I get?
How do I reach Champawat?
You can find all the logistic details here.
What things to carry?

Open Heart and Mind.
We believe an open mind and heart leads to receiving abundantly. 🙂 Let us all explore this journey together.


Comfortable Clothes.
Help us cocreate harmony within the rural community here. Thus we request all our participants to dress comfortably. Given the fact that we are a huge part of the community, we try to avoid putting the villagers through any kind of cultural shock. We request the participants to help us with the same.


Medications if any.

We do have a local chemist here. But if you’re prescribed any particular medications especially with regards to mental health and physical health, we request you to carry them along. 


Personal Toiletries.

We do not provide any personal toiletries. Requesting you to be mindful and choose consciously, for all the water goes back to earth. 

  • Flip Flops
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Hats/ Caps
  • Non Disposable Water Bottles.
  • Jackets to keep you warm.

The temperature currently varies from 19-23 degrees at noon and drops down to 9-11 degrees at night.


Shawls/ Bedsheets: 

We have the entire house set up. We’re well equipped too. We also respect the fact that people have their needs. So feel free to carry that favorite bedsheet or sleeping bag or shawls of your comfort.

  • Things that you would want to share with your fellow participants. Be it your favorite pickle, homemade snack, books, music, an art piece or anything you feel suits the purpose.
    P.S: please be mindful and respectful of the receiver. 🙂 and try to avoid single use plastic as much as possible. 
  • Small Hiking Backpack.
  • Flashlights/ Torch.
  • Power Bank.