Champi for Champawat

Nothing beats a good head massage. The Great Indian Champi. A desi response to stress, hard days at the office, screaming kids. The ultimate way to slow down. Pair it with coconut oil or lal tel. Pure heaven. Give someone a Champi. In return they could donate to HaiJalo by clicking here. Come on. We know you give a world-class champi. Your labour of love will lift many hearts in our mountain communities at Champawat, a district that could use a developmental makeover. Check out the projects you will be supporting through ChampiForChampawat. Making an offering? Feel free to use this text: You poor, stressed-out soul!! You could totally use a head massage. How about I give you one and you make a donation to HaiJalo, an NGO I support in Champawat, Uttarakhand? It’s a Champi for Champawat. Here is the link : I’m donating my fingers for a good cause, namely head massages. Would anyone like a Champi? You can pay it forward by donating to HaiJalo. I support their many community development projects in Champawat, Uttarakhand. Donate here : You know, if you don’t de-stress, you’re gonna wind up like a choosa-hua aam. Come, get a Champi. You can pay me back by donating any amount to HaiJalo, my NGO of choice. Donate here : Lights will gui-iiii-iiiide you home. And ig-ni-iiii–ite your bones. And I will try to fix you. With a head massage. After that, your less broken self can make a donation to my favourite Uttarakhand social project, HaiJalo. Save this for later : Champi Champions Tel All … We’ve tried many different ways to raise funds. This is by far the most unusual, but at least it’s one headache less. Vijay aka Chetak (Coach, Pahadi Khiladi Project) That weird sound that comes out of people getting a champi. As if their spirit rises up like a zombie and the oil reignites rusty brain cells. I cry every time. Bindu (Facilitator, HaiJalo) People always said, “Bombil, you have magic in your hands” but I brushed it off. Then I started giving champis to my friends, who in exchange donated to HaiJalo. The money is used to sponsor a climate change fellowship for Kumaoni youth. Magic!! Bombil (Project Witch Doctor, HaiJalo)

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