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It shall happen!

HaiJalo, है जालो : (Kumaoni) It shall happen.

At Haijalo, we believe that wonderful things are not only possible, they’re around the corner. We want to see Pahadi communities living in peace with pride; from toothless grins on Aamas and Bubus to the smiles of children splattered with the tangy goodness of Kafal berries! To relish Kafal, you must climb the tree. And that journey is Haijalo!

Haijalo is experimenting with a different notion of development, where volunteer communities GIVE a little of themselves through volunteering, community care and self discovery, love and compassion. This is how we see the mountains becoming a nicer place. 

We support Pahadi youth in designing and implementing tiny projects that restore feelings of oneness, mutual benefit and bring abundance to their communities. Take a little time to know us through our work and play.

Whispers from our community

We live within the community learning from each other. Few words that have stayed with us.

"insaan ke akele aage badhne ka koi faayda nahi. aage badhna hai toh sabko apne saath leke badhna hai"

Manoj, age 18
Aspiring army recruit from Manch, Champawat

"mujhe lagta hai ki mai ladka paida hui hoti toh behtar hota, itni paabandi me nahi jeena padta"

Lalita, age 18 Dreams of studying art and painting the world.

"I am choosing to work on women empowerment because I want to know what is the problem with our efforts? We have been using this phrase for so long, then why aren't women empowered already?"

Babita, age 19
A bold, determined SC youth from Mathkanda village, 12 kms walk from the closest road.


Moving the Mountains

Our fellowship programme for 12 urban/rural pahadi youth of Champawat where they will engage and learn about social issues affecting their society; and also learn computer and English skills.

Our sports for development programme features girls who shatter boundaries on the cricket field and young kids who learn to stand up to bullies and abuse through board games.

What if you chose to give birth to a Himalayan forest full of trees, birds, teeny weeny insects, fungi and sunlight filtering through leaves? If that’s your idea of family, we can help you put down roots.

Partner us in this change. With love. And Money. 🙂

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